Experience Not Actually Necessary For Many Types Of Positions


Though many of us have heard that getting hired is often a skills problem, the truth is, experience not actually necessary for many types of positions.

Let’s consider a few possible occupational types.

A) Office Jobs: Many clerk positions should only require a high school background.

B) Engineers: The training programs are designed with applied practical skills in mind, and those are tested and verified to exacting standards. This is a regulated profession. Therefore, employers should be able to hire such regulated personnel directly from the educational programs, and not expect experience.

C) Technicians: Many technicians, such as computer or phone technicians, can only gain the experience on the job. The actions are so specialized, and requiring of such a wide variety of equipment and specialized practices, that they can only be learned through practice on the job. So then how can a new certified technician break into this industry.

D) Factory Worker: This is not a professional position, and should only require high school.

​E) General Labour: This is not a skilled position, and should require only high school. The idea that high training and experience requirements are needed by all or most jobs, may be an exaggeration, and could potentially be unfair generalization.


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