Educational System Is Not At Fault

educational system

Over the course of a few decades, many have adopted the belief that the skills gap is a problem that results from the ineffectiveness of the post secondary educational system. How did such a belief come about to be?

​How did private business convince people of this idea? Can we, or should we really blame post secondary or training institutions for this problem? It turns out that students choose programs that are relevant to the job that they are pursuing, and also, the programs are filled with applied components that are applicable to the workforce. Educational institutions have been around for a long time, and they have become quite professional, and quite efficient. Despite what we’ve heard, they offer courses that are customized to the needs of employers and they generally teach to a high standard. However, it is true that it is very difficult to teach experience in school. But employers aren’t concerned with the lack academic skills, but the lack of experience. So therefore, shouldn’t they be angry at other employers who don’t provide entry level experience placements, co-ops, and internships? Can employers really expect that academic institutions to provide experience? This is not possible; businesses must be involved in the experience granting process. The problem cannot be placed on the educational institutions. ​​​


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