Articles, guides, and courses to help you avoid the skills gap in digital art, management and technology.

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Short articles relating to the skills gap, management responsibilities, management psychology, leadership, software project management and media production.


Guides relating to management, software project management, video production, video editing and user experience design.


We’ve recently launched a “Professional Video Production Course”, a “Professional Video Editing Course” and a “User Experience Course”. For more information on these or on other courses, visit the pages below!

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Skills Gap Trainer is an organization that produces articles, guides, tutorials, courses and other digital resources for workers or asiring workers. These digital resources are available online to help workers or aspiring workers overcome the “skills gap” problem they may face.

SKILLS GAP TRAINER COMMUNICATIONS MANDATE In many different economies at various stages of development, employers can’t find the workers they need.  At the same time, there are many unemployed individuals who can’t find work.  If this sounds somewhat familiar to you, that’s because it is a major problem in many…

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