Mechanical Hiring Process A Common Hiring Practice


The job hiring process has changed from a manual orientation to an automatic orientation. ​A mechanical hiring process is now commonly used.

Candidates used to look through newspapers and look at flyers to find information about potential placements. Some candidates would speak with community members and even walk in to most organizations, such as factories, to discuss the work situation and the possibilities of finding work. The process has changed somewhat. In addition, many job candidates would find out about each other, and even talk to one another. The process has changed somewhat. Now we see that many candidates find work through internet job board search. They also have an easier time in reaching a greater amount of employers, and as such, some candidates choose to mass e-mail a great number of employers. Some employers have been overwhelmed with the response they get to their online job ads. Some employers have added automatic resume scanning software to filter through the responses, and the software does not compare to the qualities of an expert HR professional in the assessment of a candidate. Many people, with a lot of skill, perseverance, determination, flexibility, and ability are discarded. This is a waste. Further, the size of many HR departments has been reduced.


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