Using Inspiration And Motivation Instead Of Compliance To Lead

using inspiration

Managers differ in their leadership styles, and some styles are more effective than others. For example: Knowing a few things about inspiration, motivation and compliance is critical to the management role. This is because using inspiration and motivation instead of compliance to lead delivers better results.

In organizations, managers are the leaders who mobilize the action. But mobilizing action can be done through various ways. On the one hand, a manager could make people do things through direct orders. This is a type of compliance. On the other hand, the manager could inspire people to take action. This is a type of influence. Imagine if a manager used compliance, and made people do particular tasks. Those people may not work effectively at those tasks in the absence of the manager. Now imagine the manager had instead inspired the workers to want to complete a certain set of tasks. In the latter case, the workers would likely work just as well in the absence of the manager as they would in their presence. The manager, who gets the employees to want to take action, is acting like a true leader.

In addition to inspiring action, the true leader needs to enhance worker motivation. One way a manager can do this is to discuss their goals and ideas from time to time with the workers. Over time, the workers may adopt the same goals and ideas, which will only increase their motivation. Further, the manager should look for opportunities to show that their goals advance the worker interests in the same way that they advance the organization’s interests. In conclusion, the manager needs to assess their-own communication style, and check whether it is authoritative and directive, or engaging and inspirational. The latter case requires more effort, but will deliver better results.


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