Soft Skills Gap Is Just As Important As The Hard Skills Gap

soft skills gap

When people think of the skills gap, they are usually thinking about technical skills. However, like there is a hard technical skills gap, there is also a soft skills gap. It turns out, that the soft skills gap is just as important as the hard skills gap.

In fact, the impact of the soft skills gap is tremendous. People may be hired because they have impressed the hiring manager about their impressive and relevant hard skills. However, if they are fired, it could very well be due to a lack of developed soft skills.

There are a lot of problems that can arise when an individual does not have developed soft skills. The lack of these skills can lead to disagreements, misunderstandings or even conflicts. Sometimes people end up leaving by choice, and sometimes not by choice. This process can be very frustrating to the employees and also, to the managers that hired them. The employees lose the time and capital they have invested into working at a particular position, and the organization also loses time and resources that they have invested into the employee. In addition, it is likely to be harder and take longer for the employee to find their next opportunity, seeing as though they may now have to deal with a bad mark on their record.

Some say that the soft skills gap has gotten worse in recent times. Though previous generations had a reliable record when it came to fitting in and conforming to strict standards, many young do not like to conform to the fundamental behaviors of enterprise life.


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