Securing Leadership Of A Group Requires A Process

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To become the leader of a group, there is a certain leadership process that needs to be followed. Securing leadership is straightforward process.

At the beginning of the process the overall situation that the group is in should to be analyzed. As part of the analysis, certain missing items, deficiencies, or limitations are identified. The analysis should also involve coming up with unique ideas, identifying and planning for the taking advantage of opportunities, and some suggestions for change and improvement to the overall situation. Continuing on in the process of becoming a leader, the next step involves fighting to achieve the objectives identified in the analysis. Obviously, this would be tough for the leader to do alone, so recruiting followers now becomes critical. In order for recruitment to be successfully achieved, the leader needs to present the idea that things could be better than they presently are. The leader needs to convince others not to settle for a poor situation. People like to lead themselves, and do not generally want to give up their free will and be led. However, the leader needs to insist that things are not tolerable and could be improved upon. The leader needs to focus on the benefits that would become available to the followers, if they agree to being led. The followers may also not be confident in whether or not the goals are achievable. As such, they will judge the leader’s confidence as a key way of determining whether to pursue the leaders suggestions. In order for the leader to convince others to follow, they themselves must be confident in their plan and the benefits and achievability of the goals.

The group will react emotionally to any presentation about achieving certain goals. Sometimes, the group will react negatively, and this usually happens if they are scared or sad. At other times, the group could react positively, and this happens when they are enthusiastic about the opportunity. These reactions represent energy, which the leader needs to harness and direct towards achieving the goals outlined. This emotional reaction should be harnessed and directed towards helping the group achieve goals together. At this point in the leadership process, there could be individuals that have taken in all of the information you have presented, and they may like that information very much. However, they may also not be convinced that you are the right person to lead the group in that direction. Solving this problem requires a bit of drama. The key is to present the goal or overall situation as an emergency or crisis. The key is to create an atmosphere where the followers fear that they may not be able to do things on their own. The more dramatic the situation, the greater will be their need for your leadership. By instilling some fear, the followers will want to change things, they will not be sure they can accomplish it on their own, and they will seek out your help. The goal of the leader is to align the fears of the followers, into a shared vision of the crisis. Then the leader can provide a solution to the crisis that involves them as well.

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