Manage Conflict In An Organization

manage conflict


Just as conflict can happen between groups of people and within groups of people, conflict can also happen between organizations or within organizations. Though conflict with other organizations happens, the type of conflict that happens on a more regular basis is the conflict within the organization. The manager or any other leader of a team, a department, or an organization will need to know how to manage conflict in an organization.

Conflict occurs within organizations because people have opposing views, have disagreements, and through the course of different types of activities, moments of tension come up. When there is conflict, the leader should regulate the conflict. The leader should provide each side the opportunity to speak. The leader should restate the points spoken in point form or in the form of an easy to understand summary. This will ensure that each side has a clear understanding of the other side’s viewpoint and frustrations. This back and forth understanding process will not usually be enough to let each side come to a common understanding due to the fact that there are emotions and opposing interests. As the different sides speak, frustration may happen and the conflict may run the risk of escalation. If the sides maintain and upgrade their emotionality, the leader must act in an opposite fashion. The leader must act controlled, composed, rational and logical and must maintain that emotional distance from the problem. This should help things from getting out of control.

Unfortunately, sometimes conflict does escalate despite the presence of a leader who works to regulate it. During the course of a conflict, both sides have a choice to make. Either they can escalate their aggression or they can inhibit their aggression. If they choose to escalate, they are putting their own interests first, ahead of the importance of the relationship. In this instance, trust is lost in the relationships and the quality and importance of the relationship is lost. This often leaves a permanent scar. On the other hand, sometimes individuals inhibit their aggression, and make the choice to preserve the relationship.


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