Circular Demands: Need Experience For Job, Need Job For Experience

circular demands

It becomes an impossibility for graduates of some educational programs to meet the “entry level” / “standard experience criteria” as required by jobs in many sectors. Many face circular demands: you need the experience for the job, but you need the job for the experience.

This hiring model does not make sense, as it misses out offering a pathway for a certain group of applicants. This hiring model can harm the long-term prosperity of society. It keeps workers unemployed and organizations filled with vacancies. In addition, employers don’t always need to hire a person with some sort of educational background. Some prefer not to think about the educational aspect of the individual. Whether this has to due with how much prominence and power this can provide to the applicant, this is another matter. But under the current conditions, it seems to be the case that there is a focus only on work experience. This work experience is the most important requirement, and finding candidates with work experience is a constant challenge for employers. Unfortunately, work experience in a particular role, only comes from having done that same role. It’s a kind of knowledge and ability that can only be gained by having done that exact role that is demanded. For new applicants, this creates a circular demand that cannot be met. And if the goal is to expand the number of ‘matching opportunities’ between employers and candidates, the solution with greatest chance, is the solution that “opens up the system”. It involves removing the requirement of past experience in that particular role. This will increase the base of available applicants quite a bit. And from this base, there will be a greater selection possible for the employer, and therefore higher chance of finding a suitable and effective match.


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