Increasing Engineering Graduate Numbers, Key To Export Economy



Throughout history, the scientific and technologic focus has shifted from country to country. The concentration of great minds in one area, leads to advancements, which further serve to draw even more great minds to the area. By increasing engineering graduate numbers, countries should be able to create an advanced export economy.

The concentration of scientists, along with their projects and developments, lead the country towards development. The countries, which do not create or attract such individuals, remain undeveloped.

In this century, China will become the new scientific center. The data, which acts as support for this statement, cites the number of engineering degrees that are awarded as a total of all degrees awarded in various countries. For example, in the United States, only 5% of all bachelor degrees are in the engineering discipline. In other, export successful countries, the values are; China 39%, South Korea 27%, and Japan 20%. To put it another way, China graduates over 700000 Engineers every year, whereas the United States graduates about 70000 a year. China has a tenfold advantage.

China has and is producing a larger concentration of scientific and engineering skill and talent. Many are of a young age. And it may be the case that Chinas education system has a rapid deployment option, putting engineers right into the workforce after the educational training. To remain competitive, the United States, must do two things. One, increase the proportion of engineering graduates versus other degree types. Two, rebuild the education system to overcome the skills gap problem, putting engineering graduates into work positions without delay.


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