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“PROJECT MANAGEMENT: For Software/IT Projects”

is a course which contains numerous beginner, intermediate and advanced concepts from the field of software project management. Besides the management of software projects, the course is also useful for the management of other IT projects, as the project management fundamentals are similar.


Whether you are a project manager now, or aspire to be one later on, the course will help you to add some of the best project management terms, concepts and principles to the core of your professional skillset. These concepts and principles will then be ready for use in the professional world, whenever they are needed. With the insights, ideas, principles and concepts presented, you will be able to manage a professional software project or many other types of IT projects. If you are a beginner in this area, the course will help you to understand the kinds of things that need to be thought about to be effective in the role. The knowledge presented will help you to become either a better contributor to a software production team or a better manager of an IT team. The information will help prepare you to progress to the next level in your career. If you are a professional already in this field, the course will allow for refinement of process and continual professional development through the presentation of interesting insights and perspectives.

The course emphasizes the project management approach and all steps required to develop a software product, service or information system. Many project management areas of knowledge and software engineering principles are discussed. The number of terms and concepts is high, and as such, the course is divided up into fourteen sections. We will discuss: Definitions, Initiation, Planning, Requirements, Scope, WBS, Schedule, Estimation, Communications, Procurement, Cost, Risks, Execution, Testing, Quality, Control and Closing. Within each section, there will be at least one lecture on the relevant topic, but most sections will feature at least a few lectures. This course demystifies a broad range of knowledge areas within project management, and organizes the areas ideas into small, clear and simplified modules of discussion.

Without at least a basic understanding in this area, it will be difficult to be selected as a project lead or project manager. It may even be difficult to work under a project manager, without understanding their process. The course will assist project contributors to understand the project process. The language used in this course will assist aspiring project managers to be selected for the role. It will also assist practicing project managers to use the specialized terminology required and to refine the practice.

What are the requirements?

  • To have an interest in project management.
  • To have an interest in software project management.
  • To have an interest in IT project management.
  • To have an interest in the development of professional management skills.
  • An ability to handle topics of various complexities, from simple to complex.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Gain experience and insights into the project management practice.
  • Improve your practice as a manager through the use of professional techniques.
  • Absorb specialized terms, concepts, insights, principles and other relevant language. Improve your ability to discuss the project management role with your colleagues and display the required specialized knowledge.
  • Make a smooth transition from a worker to project manager, and once a project manager, have the knowledge required to stay there!
  • Become a better IT project manager, who is respected by subordinates, superiors and peers.

Who is the target audience?

  • A project manager responsible for a software development project or IT project
  • A project manager who has been put in charge of a project
  • A project manager who seeks continuing professional development
  • A team member who has recently been promoted to the project management role
  • A programmer, designer, business analyst, tester or other member of a software team
  • An aspiring project manager
  • Recent graduates from business, computer science, engineering or other relevant programs
  • A student who seeks to understand project processes and software project management

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