Technology Skills Gap In Canada, Remains An Ongoing Problem

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In Canada, many employers can’t find suitable candidates to fill critical positions. The most difficult to fill positions are usually in programming, skilled trades, and engineering. The technology skills gap in canada, remains an ongoing problem.

This is partly due to the fact that, in many post-secondary schools, non-technical enrolment is far higher than technical enrolment. Though there are many people available to work, many employment candidates do not have the job specific skills required by employers. Though many people cite the problem as one of lack of work opportunity, which is true in many instances, one of the problems is that the skills people do have are not in line with the skills being demanded in industry.

In Canada, there are up to a million people working in the field of Information Communication Technology. In Canada, it has been reported that up to two hundred thousand more IT specialists will be needed by 2019. There are many reasons for this outcome, including; there will be experts which will retire, there are imbalances between the supply of workers and the demand for workers based on region, and there are mismatches between the disciplines which employers hire for and the occupations which people are trained for. Professionals such as information systems analysts, network administrators, computer specialists, web developers, programmers, business analysts, project managers and technology consultants are needed in the Canadian labour market. However, companies still report a difficulty in filling such positions. As a result, there are businesses that operate a workforce with critical vacancies. They operate, and sometimes as a result of this understaffing, lose revenue. When there are shortages of skilled employees in a department, then the remaining employees need to work much harder and much faster to compensate for the reduced manpower. This type of situation can wear people out, and it does not continue for too long. Eventually, some employees leave or find better opportunities elsewhere, which creates or compounds a vacancy problem.


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