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In many different economies at various stages of development, employers can’t find the workers they need.  At the same time, there are many unemployed individuals who can’t find work.  If this sounds somewhat familiar to you, that’s because it is a major problem in many countries. This problem is referred to as the “skills gap” – the gap between what skills employers need, and what skills employees can offer. The purpose of the organization is to help “arts and technology” students, “aspiring workers” and “workers” to overcome the “arts and technology skills gap” problem, which they may face. The purpose is to train and engage “artists and technicians”, for the purposes of meeting the “goals of the organization”.

“Skills Gap Trainer Communications” is a “digital arts, digital media, management and technology” focused “non-profit organization” that produces “articles”, “tutorials”, “guides” and “other digital resources” for “workers” or “aspiring workers”. These “digital resources” are available “for free” online to help “workers” or “aspiring workers” overcome the “arts and technology skills gap” problem, which they may face. “Skills Gap Trainer Communications” also creates “video-based” and “on-demand” bridging courses. These courses are aimed to “fill in the gap” between traditional secondary, college or university school systems, and the workplace. They are designed to provide “quick professional insights” that are needed for success in various “media, leadership and technology” roles. There is a “small nominal fee” associated with some courses, but most “are free”.


The mission of our “digital arts, digital media, management and technology” organization is to publish “online lectures, podcasts, e-books, reports, guides, tutorials and articles” in the areas of “digital art, digital media, management and technology”, its research, production and implementation (creation). It is to help “workers” or “aspiring workers”, to overcome the “arts, digital media, management and technology skills gap” problem, which they may face.

The broad objective of our “digital arts, digital media, management and technology organization” is to create an “online information resource” of “digital courses” and other similar “digital arts, digital media, management and technology” training deliverables that will train, inform and engage “artists and technicians”, for the purposes of “meeting the goals of the organization”.


The goals of our organization are to address key “labour market issues” relating to education:

  • prepare “artists” to gain access to and contribute work to “arts or technology” oriented organizations
  • prepare “technicians” to understand, implement and perform “real world” applied technology skills
  • prepare “artists and technicians” to perform “applied tech” skills and “niche” creative processes
  • develop “members of the online and offline community” in “digital art”, “digital media” and “technology skills
  • provide “discipline specific insight” to both “artists and technicians”, to assist in “professional development”
  • provide professional, “discipline specific insight”, and “work process” related information
  • provide practical, hands on lectures, on key “work tasks” that are in high demand
  • provide lessons to: “high school”, “college” and “university students”
  • provide lessons to: “aspiring workers”, “adult workers” and “elder workers”
  • address “income inequality” by training workers on how to onboard into modern companies
  • assist “students”, “aspiring workers” and “workers” in their professional development journey      


The work and education related issues which the organization seeks to address are:   

  • many “artists” do not have a mentor and the required information for “real world” media project success
  • many “artists” do not have the information required for onboarding with “technology oriented” companies
  • many “technicians” do not have a “mentor” and the information required for onboarding with new companies
  • many “employers” have either reduced training or do not offer any training for the positions they wish to fill
  • many “employers” fill out job ads with a long list of requirements that very few can meet
  • many “people” seek training that is “not in demand” or is “not of the right type”
  • many “persons with disabilities”, “visible minorities”, “elderly” and “youth” do not have a mentor  
  • many “post-secondary graduates” lack interpersonal skills, which are needed by “employers
  • many “organizations” do not compensate employees adequately for the work they are requesting 


Professional Artist “Profiles and Roles” In The 21st Century

Digital Marketers

Creative Writers

Graphic Designers

Video Producers

Print Designers

Mobile Designers

Social Media Designers

Photoshop Editors

Product Designers

Social Media Marketers

Content Marketers

Video Marketers

Article Marketers

E-Learning Developers


E-Learning Video Producers

Visual Effects Creators

Product Photographers

Smartphone Videographers

User Experience (UX): Designers

Business Leaders

Professional Technologist “Profiles And Roles” In the 21st Century

Engineering Technologists – Information Technology

Information Systems Professionals

Information Technology Project Managers

Software Project Managers

Project Managers



Digital Marketers

User Experience (UX): Team Leads

User Experience (UX): Researchers

Technical Writers



Between January 2017 and December 2020, “Skills Gap Trainer Communications” has published to the web, a large collection of: video courses, video enhanced e-books, long form reports, long form cornerstone articles, and a collection of regular web articles.  “Skills Gap Trainer Communications” has provided free “profession specific” information to over 250 000 web visitors and has registered over “22 000 students” to the main platforms. Over “13 030 students” have registered for courses in “New Media and Information Technology” on the “Skills Gap Trainer” web platform. Over “10 200 students” have registered to the “Skills Gap on Udemy” course platform for “Media Arts” and “Information Technology” courses.

MOOCs (Published on Skills Gap Trainer, Udemy and Apple Books)

  • “PROFESSIONAL VIDEO PRODUCTION: Pre- Pro- and Post-Production Essentials. (Course)”
  • “How To Use A DSLR or Mirrorless Camera (Course)”
  • PROFESSIONAL VIDEO EDITING: Editing technique, theory & the art of editing (Course)”
  • How To Create Professional Videos With Your Phone (Course)
  • A MANAGER’S GUIDE: Successful Leadership (Course)
  • A MANAGER’S GUIDE: Work Responsibilities and Psychology (Course)”                      
  • USER EXPERIENCE: Understanding Research and Design (Course)                                 
  • USER EXPERIENCE (UX): Applied Research and Design (Course)
  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: Software/IT Projects (Course)                                     

CORNERSTONE ARTICLES (Published on Skills Gap Trainer, ~10 to 25 pages/report)

  • “Software Project Manage (Guide)”
  • “Psychology Of Challenging Personalities, Managers (Guide)”
  • “Leadership Essentials For Managers (Guide)”
  • Professional Video Production (Guide)”
  • “A Simple (Guide) To Business Writing”
  • How To Write An Evergreen Article (Guide)”
  • “User Experience Design (Guide)”
  • “Skills LinkedIn Says Are Needed & Training (Guide)”
  • “Automation And The Future Of Work (Guide)”
  • “How Blockchain Will Displace Professionals And Blockchain Skills To Learn (Guide)”
  • “How To Use A DSLR Or Mirrorless Camera (Guide)”
  • “How To Create Videos With Your Smartphone (Guide)”
  • “How To Solve The Skills Gap In Canada (Guide)”
  • “How To Solve The Skills Gap In United States (Guide)”
  • “How Artificial Intelligence Will Displace Workers Worldwide (Guide)”
  • “Key Concepts In Digital Marketing (Guide)”

TECHNOLOGY ARTICLES (Published on Skills Gap Trainer, ~1 to 10 ~ pages/article)

  • “How Artificial Intelligence Will Displace Workers Worldwide”
  • “How Blockchain Will Displace Professionals”
  • “Automation And The Future Of Work”
  • “Skills LinkedIn Says Are Needed & Training”
  • “How To Write An Evergreen Article”
  • “Quality Is Critical To IT Projects”
  • “Estimate Distrust Between Leaders And Programmers”
  • “Scope Creep Control For Project Success”
  • “Requirements Process Not Established”
  • “Explain Testing Responsibilities”
  • “Selecting Projects And The Business Case”
  • “Requirements Gathering For Projects”
  • “Use Requirements To Build Better Code”
  • “Development Process Models: Waterfall, Agile And Spiral”
  • “Software Project Management Profession”
  • “Our ‘EXPERIENCE” with BC Tech”

MANAGEMENT ARTICLES (Published on Skills Gap Trainer, ~1 to 10 ~ pages/article)

  • “Performance Reviews, Tips For Managers”
  • “Structured Interviews Are More Reliable Than Unstructured Interviews”
  • “Unstructured Interviews Are Not Reliable”
  • “Team Development Process for High Performance”
  • Managers Handle Challenging Responsibilities”
  • “Conflict Management Requires Ability To Escalate”
  • “Strategic Alliances, What They Are And How They Are Made”
  • “Performance Reviews, Tip For Managers”
  • “Using Power To Manage Effectively”
  • “Challenging Manager Personalities, Psychology”
  • “Challenging Employee Personalities, Psychology”
  • “Strategic Management Using Power”
  • “Effective Management Requires Power”
  • “Leaders Must Understand Fairness”
  • “Motivation Theories Are Useful In The Workplace”
  • “Manage Conflict In An Organization”
  • “Leadership Process: Analysis, Definition And Achievement”
  • “Securing Leadership Of A Group Requires A Process”
  • “Several Leadership Types Defined”
  • “Charismatic Leadership Defined”
  • “Using Inspiration And Motivation Instead Of Compliance To Lead”
  • “Personality Disorders At Work Cause Performance Variations”
  • “Motivation Employees Through Motivation Theories”
  • “Abnormal Mental Developments In Managers”
  • “People Dislike Power, But Managers Should Promote A Balanced View”

SKILLS GAP ARTICLES (Published on Skills Gap Trainer, ~1 to 10 ~ pages/article)

  • “Our ‘EXPERIENCE’ with BC Tech”
  • “Soft Skills Gap Is Just As Important As The Hard Skills Gap”
  • “Organizations Need To Actively Monitor Skills Gaps And Address Them”
  • “Lower Skill Workers Available, But Modern Economies Require High Skill”
  • “Employers Need To Find The Right Training Program”
  • “New Training Options Can Solve The Skills Gap”
  • “Modern Job Roles Are Specialized, Many Degree Options Now Irrelevant”
  • “Labour Talent Key To Global Economy In Technology Age”
  • “Challenges Job Seekers Face As Part Of The Modern Hiring Process”
  • “Increasing Engineering Graduate Numbers, Key To Export Economy”
  • “Address Skills Gap With Industry And Academia Partnerships”
  • “Filling Job Roles Is Difficult And Time Consuming, But Why?”
  • “Technology Skills Gap In Canada, Remains An Ongoing Problem”
  • “Educational System Is Not At Fault”
  • “Mechanical Hiring Process A Common Hiring Practice”
  • “Experience Not Actually Necessary For Many Types Of Positions”
  • “Circular Demands: Need Experience For Job, Need Job For Experience”
  • “Skills Gap Concepts, Introduction”


Honesty – To provide reliable and real information that works in the real world and generates value long term.  To help dispel myth and deception.

Accessibility – To provide free information through the online format, which would make the knowledge and techniques accessible for low income earners, youth, elder persons and persons with disabilities.

Efficiency – To provide critical information and insight necessary for occupational success through the most effective distribution medium.

Quality – To remove the unnecessary information and offer the most impactful and important concept within the most concise format.

Adaptability – To adapt and overcome to any circumstance, no matter the scope and scale of the challenge presented.

Accuracy – To thoroughly assess, professionally interpret and correctly judge the personal, environmental and discipline specific scenarios or circumstances being dealt with.

Professionality – To continually learn new information, update existing or outdated information, and to continuously improve one’s own professional abilities. 

Logicality – To structure research mathematically and precisely, to make inferences correctly and without bias, and to incorporate data into analyses, reports or as part of arguments.  To prioritize logic over any need for “intellectual deception”.

Possibility – To dream big! To attempt challenging tasks, but not impossible tasks! To closely control the scale and scope of project endeavours, so as to carefully manage risk throughout the project management or operations management endeavour.

Win – Never give up. Persist. Endure. Take the pain. Keep going. Win.


The six team key members of our organization are: Ion C, Dorin V., Corina C., Alissa M., Alex L. and Maria F.

Dorin V. – Instructional Designer and Information Technologist

director dorin

Dorin V. has created numerous “digital training products”, a feat which required the successful application of multiple professional skills in research, instructional design, writing and information technology. The products developed were in the areas of: technology skills gap, software project management, general management, management psychology, video pre-production, video production, video post-production, business writing, digital marketing, content marketing, user experience research and user experience design.

More specifically, as part of the Skills Gap Trainer initiative, Dorin V. has produced and published: 14 technology reports, 25 management articles, 18 skills gap articles, 12 how-to guides, 9 massive open online courses (MOOCs) and 6 “video enhanced” ebooks.

In terms of his academics, he holds a “B.A. Degree (in Computer Science and Psychology)” and a “User Experience (UX): Research and Design MicroMasters” credential. In terms of his “Information Technology” experience, he holds an “Information Systems Professional (I.S.P.) of Canada” designation. In terms of his engineering technology work experience, he has achieved the professional designation as an “Applied Science Technologist – Information Technology (AScT)”. In terms of his interdisciplinary experience in “arts and technology”, he has worked as a: computer salesperson, computer technician, website developer, website administrator, digital content marketer, video producer, technical writer, instructional designer and course producer.

Ion C. – Video Producer

ion director video producer

In addition to his Video Producer role at Skills Gap Trainer Communications, Ion C. has produced dozens of different types of “digital training videos”, a feat which required the successful application of multiple professional skills relating to video pre-production and video production. Ion C. gained his video production experience while working on the set of independent film productions in Canada, and through volunteer contributions to “start-up” film and video productions. In terms of video production specialties, Ion C. specializes in camera operation, lighting, electrical, grip and logistics. Ion C.’s interdisciplinary experience is in areas such as: small business entrepreneurship, coaching, sports management, military leadership and digital video production.

Corina C. – Writer & Web Administrator

Corina C. has “interdisciplinary experience” in: internet research, graphic design, social media marketing, entrepreneurship, “offline” business development, “online” business development and business administration. Corina worked for 20 years on the development and administration of three small businesses. Corina helped to modernize these businesses through the implementation of “innovative digital transformation strategies” and “efficient online technology solutions”. These steps enabled the businesses to succeed in distributing products globally through e-commerce. Corina’s “persistence”, strong “need for innovation” and equally strong “enthusiasm for the adoption of leading e-commerce technologies”, are drivers which are helping our organization to develop and to offer the latest designs in “virtual course products” through “efficient massive open online distribution”.

Alissa M. – Writer, Marketer & Digital Content Analyst

alissa digital content analyst

Alissa M. directs marketing strategy, writes articles, publishes social media posts, and drives the link-building strategy.

Alex L. – Graphic Designer & Audio Producer

alex - video producer

Alex L. provides our organization with graphic design and audio production support.

Maria F. – Treasurer

maria financial management accounting investment treasurer

Maria F. provides our organization with financial management support, accounting and investment management.

If you have a question, you can contact us at our office email address.

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