Decoding Bill C-21: An In-Depth Analysis by Canadian Academics

Academics temple of study.

  Recent legislative changes proposed by the Canadian government have sparked a rigorous debate that transcends the walls of academia and reaches into the lives of everyday Canadians. Bill C-21: “An Act to amend certain Acts and to make certain consequential amendments (firearms)” proposes sweeping amendments to firearms regulation, significantly…

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How To Solve The Skills Gap In Canada

1. SKILLS GAP 1.1 Introduction The Skills Gap is a term commonly used to outline the gap between the skills which employers require for a position and the skills which employees offer. In Canada, the Skills Gap exists at varying levels of severity for the different sectors, but it is…

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IPSC’s Last Stand: Shaping the Future of Firearms Policy

IPSC world last stand.

    Description of Video: “CCFR Radio – Ep 143: MEGA EPISODE! So many clips, Libs losing it over CCFR, C-21 passes committee” available on the CCFR YouTube Channel.   Table of Contents Introduction 1.1 Overview of the Issue 1.2 Contextual Background 2.2 The Qualified Professional (QP) Perspective: Unpacking the…

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