Our “EXPERIENCE” with BC Technology for Learning Society”

BC Technology

  “Skills Gap Trainer Communications” would like to thank “BC Technology for Learning Society” for accepting our technology equipment request.  “BC Technology for Learning Society” assists schools, charities, non-profits, Indigenous groups and libraries to acquire the technology they need, and only “a small administration fee” is required for the purchase…

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Charismatic Leadership: An Indispensable Asset for Bridging the Skills Gap


  In the spectrum of leadership styles, one style often stands out for its effectiveness and ability to inspire transformational change – charismatic leadership. The impact of a charismatic leader on an organization’s success extends beyond their inherent charisma; it lies within their personality, their thought process, their behaviours, and,…

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Circular Demands: Unraveling the Paradox of Entry-Level Experience


  In an increasingly complex and competitive labor market, graduates and early-stage professionals often find themselves caught in an unresolvable dilemma, often referred to as the “circular demand”: the need for experience to secure a job and the need for a job to gain experience. The paradox emerges prominently at…

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