Modern Job Roles Are Specialized, Many Degree Options Now Irrelevant



Over the last few years, new types of positions have become available at different companies. New types of roles such as those in green energy, cloud storage management, business analytics, online apps administration, diversity and many other specialized positions have become available. Many modern job roles have become very specific in their nature.  Consequently, many degree options at post secondary schools do not adequately prepare them for the specialized roles.

These roles are so new, that the public educational system has often not yet adapted to creating the necessary training tracks to meet the demands. Unfortunately, modern specialized roles often use specialized techniques and tools that are only available at the work site, and therefore, many applicants have a tough time in attaining the requisite knowledge and skills to qualify for the positions. As a result, many candidates cannot and do not apply for such roles, leaving vacancies at companies, and these vacancies lower organizational productivity. This lowered productivity leads to lost revenue. The general economy slows down, and fewer opportunities follow.

Some employers have admitted that part of the problem lies with them, in that they may advertise for jobs that are too specific in their nature. Whereas before the recession, they would have hired someone that has the general qualifications, after the recession, many have chosen to wait only for the perfect fit. Many employers have decided to only hire those that have previously worked in the exact same position, even if it is generally a new position in society. To fix the immediate problem of having some unfilled positions, it may be a good idea to give applicants who are mostly qualified a try. Otherwise there is a risk of maintaining an unfilled position, and there is no way to know if there was potentially a mostly qualified candidate out there that could have adapted to the role.

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