Challenges Job Seekers Face As Part Of The Modern Hiring Process


There are various challenges job seekers face when they attempt to go through the modern hiring process.

Some examples include:

No Experience With Seeking Work – Prior to the recession, some people have not had to compete with others in looking for work. After the recession, this situation changed, and people without job seeking ability and experience had to take on the challenge of learning how to find and compete with others for work.

Location – Location preference is a top consideration for many job candidates. Location can be a challenge for many applicants. Many applicants are unwilling or unable to move to other cities, where the jobs suitable to their skills, may be. Many applicants will work for a lower wage, and perhaps at a position that is lower than their qualifications, if it means that they can work in the city in which they live. Location is actually one of the reasons for the skills gap, as the skilled candidates may be in areas where their skills are not in demand, while there may be other cities where there is a deficit of workers with the skills needed.

Experience Gaps on the Resume – Many job seekers perceive that it is a bad thing to have “empty years” or “experience gaps” on the resume. For that reason, during moments of unemployment, some have chosen to fill it in with either fake information, or to go to school, or to create their own small businesses. These types of actions are aimed at filling in these resume gaps, and they help to create a continuous flow of work in their experience profile. These actions should show the significance and importance that job seekers place on maintaining the image of being always engaged.

Candidate Experience – Some companies do not communicate with the applicants, which apply for work. This lack of communication leaves many applicants with sour feelings about the companies, which they have applied to. There is no need to do this, because perhaps in the future, a role suitable will come up, for which a previous applicant may be perfect. If that applicant does not reapply or consider the role due to sour feelings, then that opportunity is lost. Good candidate experience is about communicating with the candidates and keeping them informed.

Psychology in Selection – Some companies have adopted psych evaluations as part of the screening process. Though most still use education, work experience and references, the idea of psychological evaluations has gained ground. An example of a psych evaluation could be one that assesses empathy and creativity, and usually are designed with other things in mind, such as whether the person will stick around at a job long enough for the employer to get a return on his investment. These evaluations further complicate and lengthen the job hiring process.


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