New Training Options Can Solve The Skills Gap

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When it comes to resolving the skills gap, one of the main difficulties comes down to who really is taking the responsibility of continually training employees with new skills. Currently, training people with new skills is a somewhat expensive process. However, there are new training options which can solve the skills gap.

For this reason, the educational institutions, the individuals, and the employers are often likely to try to do what is most cost effective. This often entails an attempt to pass on the costs elsewhere. So whose responsibility is it to train the employees with new skills? Also, what is the challenge as to why employees are not getting trained on the new skills? And lastly, how can this challenge be overcome?

So who should train the employees? Well, that should be the large companies and the public educational institutions. First of all, small companies are likely cash strapped and can’t often institute professional job specific training programs. Second, public educational institutions should work as a partner with industry to figure out how to institute the most up to date and relevant job specific training programs. You would think this would already be done, but in countries like the United States, public funding of new job specific training programs is far behind much of the many developed countries. Lastly, the large companies can afford to and should implement apprenticeship and mentorship training programs, seeing as though they are the only ones with the resources to do so.

In regards to the challenge of why people aren’t getting trained on the skills they need to serve the companies, this is a question of who will pay for this cost. For anyone to consider investing in employees or potential employees, they are more likely to do so if a new more cost effective training model has been presented. There are new online education models that are cost effective and accessible. Some examples include corporate or university based online educational initiatives from Udacity and Coursera. These programs allow individuals to quickly access the skills they need for job specific tasks. They also allow easy access so that individuals can get the education as soon as they need it, and wrap up the skills acquisition phase quickly. These advantages allow an individual to change job roles more easily and inexpensively, as they are quickly able to train for and adapt to a new role as needed.

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