Extinguishing Enlightenment: The Unseen Dangers of Bill C-21 to Canada’s Historical, Cultural, Intellectual Foundations, Individual Rights, Freedoms, and Public Safety

Opposing the proposed Bill C-21, we stand firm in advocating for the exemption of law-abiding firearms owners, air-softer, paintballers, sports shooters, International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) shooters, and hunters from the expansive bans embedded in this legislation. These communities are more than just hobbyists; they uphold profound traditions and values,…

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IPSC’s Last Stand: Shaping the Future of Firearms Policy

Description of Video: “CCFR Radio – Ep 143: MEGA EPISODE! So many clips, Libs losing it over CCFR, C-21 passes committee” available on the CCFR YouTube Channel. Table of Contents Introduction 2.2 The Qualified Professional (QP) Perspective: Unpacking the Skills Gap in the Demise of IPSC in Canada Communication Failures…

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