Toward a Canada That Respects and Upholds Its Professionals

      [ Video on Triggernometry YouTube channel, titled “Why They Hate Jordan Peterson – Konstantin Kisin” ]   Skills Gap Trainer comment: “Dear Konstantin, We’re appreciative of your thorough analysis on the challenges faced by Dr. Jordan Peterson. Your investigative journalism stands as a beacon, shedding light on…

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History on the Line: The Battle for Canada’s Identity

Dark maple leaf representing dark topics discussed in secret meetings.

  Reflecting on our present world, we stand at a critical junction, much like our ancestors did in the tumultuous times preceding World War II and during the onset of the Soviet era in Russia. In those times, it was the rise of fascism, the advent of totalitarianism, the ushering…

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Mastering Management: How to Use Power Wisely in Leadership

leader follower

  Power, an essential component in organizational leadership, shapes the path towards desired outcomes. A manager’s efficacy often rests upon their adept manipulation of various forms of power to influence their subordinates, which can be illustrated in a hypothetical scenario where a manager encourages staff participation in a non-compulsory, work-adjacent…

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Overcoming Challenges: A Detailed Analysis of Manager Personality Types

angry leader

  Introduction Every profession is riddled with a myriad of personalities, and leadership roles are no exception. The types of personalities found among managers can significantly affect their work, their subordinates, and the overall performance of their teams. This article provides an in-depth analysis of several challenging manager personalities, touching…

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Strategic Management: Understanding and Utilizing Power for Effective Leadership

boss king power

  In the complex landscape of today’s organizations, strategic management is a crucial component of effective leadership. Utilizing power in a strategic manner allows managers to influence their teams and direct efforts towards meeting organizational objectives. However, understanding power dynamics is far from simple. Power is multi-faceted, manifesting in numerous…

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Mastering Power: Key Principles for Effective Management

effective management

  In the rapidly evolving landscapes of modern workplaces, effective management has emerged as an essential attribute that can drive organizational success. A significant aspect of this effectiveness revolves around understanding, navigating, and effectively applying power dynamics. This comprehensive discourse seeks to shed light on power in management, combining various…

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The Balancing Act: How Effective Leaders Understand and Apply Fairness


  Introduction: In the realm of leadership and management, understanding and applying the principle of fairness is paramount. Leaders are often expected to make decisions that balance the interests of all stakeholders involved, while also fostering an environment of equity and impartiality. However, the application of fairness in leadership is…

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