Using Power To Manage Effectively

leader and followers

People generally accept and understand the idea that those who have and are using power are the leaders. The reason that people associate power with leadership has to do with the idea that power can be used to get others to follow.

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Challenging Manager Personalities, Psychology

angry leader

There are challenging psychological developments that people must deal with, and these developments impact the work they do in the various occupations. When it comes to occupations where people are in a position of leadership, the stability of one’s personality plays an even more important role. In order to improve…

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Challenging Employee Personalities, Psychology

challenging employee personalities

Some employees have challenging employee personalities. In general, people have many different personality traits. Some trait examples include: compassion, caring, agreeableness, spontaneity, and so on. The traits that a person has can sometimes block the person from advancing, can make it difficult for one to associate with others, and can…

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Strategic Management Using Power

using power

“Strategic management using power” can be away to be a more effective leader in an organization. Managers can use power in a strategic way to lead within the organization. Power is useful because it allows managers to influence the workers. Once influenced, the workers will do what is necessary to…

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Effective Management Requires Power

effective management

Effective management requires an understanding of power. The managers who are aware of and know how to use ideas of power are able to accomplish goals effectively. Managers need to be aware of the issues, which surround the idea of power.

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Leaders Must Understand Fairness


In order for leaders to be effective in their practice, they often need to understand and master a wide variety of ideas.Leaders must understand fairness, when to be fair and when to be unfair. When a leader takes a particular side on some idea, this can either garner support or create…

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Motivation Theories Are Useful In The Workplace

Motivation Theories

Throughout their studies, psychologists learn about several different motivation theories. Managers could potentially learn about these theories as well. By learning the theories, managers could become better motivators of workers, which would improve organizational outcomes.

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Manage Conflict In An Organization

Manage Conflict

Just as conflict can happen between groups of people and within groups of people, conflict can also happen between organizations or within organizations. Though conflict with other organizations happens, the type of conflict that happens on a more regular basis is the conflict within the organization. The manager or any…

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Leadership Process: Analysis, Definition And Achievement

leadership process

The leadership process is not widely studied or understood. But like any profession, it is involved and for optimum effectiveness, it requires a structured plan and approach. The leadership process can most easily be understood if is broken down into three key ideas: analysis, definition, and achievement.

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