Several Leadership Types Defined

leadership types

There are several leadership types. As a manager, it is useful to be familiar with a few different types. Each type has its own unique attributes and utility. The types that will be discussed are: charismatic leadership, inclusive leadership, destructive leadership, strategic leadership and structured leadership.

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Charismatic Leadership Defined

charismatic leadership

Everyone has noticed that some people are better than others in the leadership role. Some leaders have a lot of leadership ability, while others have very little. This difference in quality and ability at the task of leadership is not always due to differences in training and experience. The difference…

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Using Inspiration And Motivation Instead Of Compliance To Lead

using inspiration

Managers differ in their leadership styles, and some styles are more effective than others. For example: Knowing a few things about inspiration, motivation and compliance is critical to the management role. This is because using inspiration and motivation instead of compliance to lead delivers better results.

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Personality Disorders At Work Cause Performance Variations

personality disorders

Of the many different responsibilities which managers must attend to, one of the key responsibilities deals with ensuring that employees perform effectively in the workplace. The manager must ensure that performance is increased over time, or at the very least, that it is maintained over time. As performance can vary…

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Motivating Employees Through Motivation Theories

motivating employees

Many people often talk about the idea of motivation. It’s a fairly common topic of conversation. But rather than talking about motivation in a positive way, it is sometimes talked about or referred to in a negative way. For example, in many groups, someone eventually notices a lack of motivation…

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Abnormal Mental Developments In Managers

manager with stress

Different professions, attract people with different mental dispositions. Another consideration that one has to take into account, is that the different professions, have different working conditions or environments. Some of the working conditions are more demanding and more stressful than others. Abnormal mental developments can occur in managers.

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People Dislike Power, But Managers Should Promote A Balanced View

people dislike power

​In today’s times, many people dislike power. Many individuals can be found which are against the idea of power. There are many who associate the ideas of injustice, inequality and poverty, with people who have misused power to create an environment that is unfair, unjust and unequal for the masses….

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