How To Write An Evergreen Article Guide

evergreen article

HOW TO WRITE AN EVERGREEN ARTICLE GUIDE WHAT IS EVERGREEN CONTENT? Creating good evergreen content is one of the best ways to market a business online. Though creating evergreen content is quite an investment, it provides a better return on investment than the traditional direct pay advertising model. The cost…

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A Simple Guide To Business Writing

business writing

  A SIMPLE GUIDE TO BUSINESS WRITING INTRODUCTION TO THE DIGITAL COMMUNICATION AGE Being able to write well is now a critical career skill. In the digital communication age, the number and frequency of written communication interactions has increased dramatically. We write cover letters and resumes when we seek work….

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Professional Video Production Guide

professional video production

  In the 21st century, many companies require a professional video production capacity to connect and spread information about their products and services to the rest of the world. Visual communication is a skill that is both essential and in demand. This guide focuses on the specifics of how to…

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Leadership Essentials For Managers Guide

leadership essentials

  LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS GUIDE The leadership essentials guide is useful for aspiring managers, new managers, or experienced managers. It helps professionals to think about and explore ideas of leadership. It is useful to be able to talk leadership language. So let’s start with the contents listing of topics which will…

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Psychology Of Challenging Personalities, Managers Guide

challenging personalities

  CHALLENGING PERSONALITIES GUIDE In this guide, we will define and examine various challenging personalities, in reference to managers and followers. In the first part of the guide, an introduction to the psychology of work and personality disorders in the workplace will be provided. In the second part, the abnormal…

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Software Project Management Guide

software project

  SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT GUIDE “Become familiar with essential software project management terminology and processes.” According to Wikipedia, “Software project management is the art and science of planning and leading software projects. It is a sub-discipline of project management in which software projects are planned, implemented, monitored, and controlled.” In…

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Quality Is Critical To IT Projects

  Software projects need to be implemented according to strict quality standards and metrics. Quality needs to be a key consideration for the software project manager.

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Scope Creep Control For Project Success

control and planning

  The lack of change control or the lack of a careful application of change control is one of the reasons that projects fail. Many different people involved with the project or that have an interest in the project have ideas about the project. Many would like to add their…

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Requirements Process Not Established

win programmer designer

  Though student engineers and student computer scientists are taught to develop software based on requirements specifications, in the real world, there are many organizations where a system of strict requirements process has not been put in place. Also, there are some practicing designers and even programmers who are not…

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