History on the Line: The Battle for Canada’s Identity

Reflecting on our present world, we stand at a critical junction, much like our ancestors did in the tumultuous times preceding World War II and during the onset of the Soviet era in Russia. In those times, it was the rise of fascism, the advent of totalitarianism, the ushering in…

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Mastering Performance Reviews: Effective Strategies and Tips for Managers


Performance Reviews: A Comprehensive Guide for Managers Performance reviews, whether formal or informal, are essential mechanisms in an organization’s arsenal for managing and improving employee performance. These periodic evaluations offer an invaluable opportunity to assess an employee’s accomplishments, identify areas for improvement, and foster open communication between management and staff….

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Structured Interviews: The Key to Reliable Candidate Assessment

structured interview

Introduction Human resources (HR) is an intricate field, characterized by a multitude of responsibilities that contribute significantly to an organization’s performance. One of the primary functions of HR is recruiting, an area in which interviews play a crucial role. The nature and format of these interviews can profoundly impact the…

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Rethinking Unstructured Interviews: Recognizing Errors and Improving Hiring Practices


Hiring is arguably one of the most important processes in any organization, directly shaping its present and future. Whether they are choosing structured or unstructured interviews, organizations must understand the intricacies, merits, and demerits of both to make informed decisions. Unstructured interviews, despite their popularity, are increasingly being criticized for…

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Mastering the Art of Team Development: Strategies for High Performance


In today’s rapidly changing economic, political, and technological landscape, organizations face imposing problems that require them to innovate and adapt constantly to survive. One critical adaptation is a paradigm shift from an individual perspective to a team-based approach. Consequently, managers’ ability to develop high-performing teams has become increasingly important. This…

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The Multi-Faceted Role of Managers: Navigating Challenging Responsibilities in the Modern Business Landscape


In the contemporary business landscape, managers grapple with a multitude of challenging responsibilities. From directing communication in meetings to overseeing performance appraisals, their roles extend far beyond traditional job descriptions. This article explores the varied responsibilities of managers, the challenges they face, and the skills they require to navigate these…

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Conflict Management: The Art of Escalation and Resolution


Conflict, a prevalent aspect of organizational life, is a disagreement between parties with divergent interests, opinions, or motives. Given its ubiquity and potential for either disruption or growth, managing conflict effectively is a crucial leadership competency. The understanding of conflict management extends beyond mere resolution; it also involves the ability…

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The Power of Strategic Alliances: A Comprehensive Guide to Navigating Modern Workplace Dynamics


Strategic alliances, often associated with businesses and corporations, also play an integral role within an organization’s internal dynamics. These alliances can offer individuals more influence, recognition, and potential leadership opportunities within their respective positions. They serve as a cooperative partnership providing mutual support, respect, and defense. As the nature of…

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