User Experience Design Guide

user experience design

User Experience Design deals with making and organizing items and elements so as to affect the experience that users get from a company. The goal of User Experience Design is to influence the direction of thought, perception and behaviour of the user. In this guide, we will focus on the…

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A Simple Guide To Business Writing

business writing

A SIMPLE GUIDE TO BUSINESS WRITING   INTRODUCTION TO THE DIGITAL COMMUNICATION AGE Being able to write well is now a critical career skill. In the digital communication age, the number and frequency of written communication interactions has increased dramatically. We write cover letters and resumes when we seek work….

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Professional Video Editing Guide

Professional Video Editing

PROFESSIONAL VIDEO EDITING GUIDE “Professional video editing is about the editing technique and the art of editing. Editing theory is what this guide is about.”   TABLE OF CONTENTS PART 1 – INTRODUCTION TO EDITING PART 2 – EDITING STEPS PART 3 – EDITING BASICS PART 4 – MAKING CUTS…

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Leadership Essentials For Managers

Leadership Essentials

LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS GUIDE The leadership essentials guide is useful for aspiring managers, new managers, or experienced managers. It helps professionals to think about and explore ideas of leadership. It is useful to be able to talk leadership language. So let’s start with the contents listing of topics which will be…

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