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WELCOME to Professional Videos With Your Smartphone

Are you interested in advertising your business, but are not sure what the most effective approach is or even where to begin? Do you have a limited budget or perhaps a limited amount of time you can devote to your business promotions? Most businesses have a website, but many are finding that it has become increasingly difficult to attract online traffic through traditional methods such as website content marketing and paid advertising. There has been a shift in visitor preferences recently. Many website visitors now prefer to consume “podcast style” audio content, and video content from social media platforms through their mobile video devices. Even search engines are showing their preference for video content through the fact that they allocate prime “screen real estate” on the front and secondary page search results to “video content” and through the fact that they boost website rankings of sites which contain videos. So how does someone with limited time, budget and resources use video to promote their business? No problem. A mobile phone is a complete media production machine that can be used to create outstanding professional videos for any purpose, and is very good for professional use as well.

In this course, we will discuss how to use a smartphone to make great videos. We will cover the main concepts of planning, preparing the smartphone, lighting, audio recording and sharing the video online.

What you’ll learn

  • How to produce quality videos with a smartphone.
  • The main pre-production, production and post-production steps.
  • Professional camera, lighting and audio techniques to use.
  • General media production concepts that are applicable to a wide variety of video tools.


Who this course is for:

  • Beginner videographers who are curious about video production using a smartphone.
  • Beginner video makers who have not produced video works in a professional way.
  • Videographers who haven’t filmed in a while, and wish to use a smartphone for video.
  • Business owners who wish to add video to their online platforms.
  • Social Media specialists.
  • Marketing specialists.
  • Anyone who uses a smartphone to films videos.


Section 1 – Introduction

  • Lecture 1 – Smartphone Video Production

Section 2 – Pre-Production

  • Lecture 2 – Pre-Production (Part 1) (Learning, Planning, Location)
  • Lecture 3 – Pre-Production (Part 2) (Storyboard, Preparation, Equipment)
  • Lecture 4 – Pre-Production (Part 3) (Camera Accessories)

Section 3 – Production

  • Lecture 5 – Production (Part 1) (Camera Techniques, Lighting Techniques)
  • Lecture 6 – Production (Part 2) (Audio Techniques)

Section 4 – Post-Production

  • Lecture 7 – Post-Production

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