Launching Skills Gap Trainer Was An Adventure

launching skills gap trainer

Launching Skills Gap Trainer Was An Adventure!

We launched on 2016.  At the time, we simply wanted to have an online presence and decided that the quickest way to accomplish this was with an easy to use hosted platform: Weebly. This allowed us to advertise our first online course and to distribute information to the public online. However, perhaps we put too much faith in the rapid evolution of technology, specifically, in the rapid evolution of website builder platforms. Though they are fun to use and provide immediate results, there are also limitations which can interfere with the proper functioning of an organization. To future proof our online presence, we decided to rebuild our website on one of the best software platforms out there, WordPress! And we are now self-hosted on an excellent host. Mission accomplished! 🙂  Launching skills gap trainer was an adventure and a great success.

Cutting corners by not adopting mainstream web technologies, in concert with not adopting the best web development practices, can impact the organic and technological growth of your web presence.


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