Use Requirements To Build Better Code

code requirements

Some organizations use requirements to build better code.  Other organizations do not really use a strict requirements process.

The problem lies in that if the programmers or designers are not used to working with requirements, they may complain to senior executives. These executives often don’t know anything about software programming, and any complaint to them could derail any requirements effort. For programmers and designers who are used to working with requirements, they can’t imagine working without them. However, for programmers who have not used requirements before, they may find it challenging and restrictive to use them. They may believe that it can prevent them from being creative with the software creation process.

As the project manager, to tackle this problem, it is necessary to win the programmers in the organization who do not understand the requirements process. This can be done either by showing how requirements can help in the creation of better software or how it can enhance the process of creating software. For example, if a programmer is concerned with his freedom to program to be restricted by the requirements, you can show him other potential benefits the programmer may not be considering. For example last minute changes can add weeks of work to the schedule, and make the code messy at the last minute. This can be avoided with a good requirements process in place. As a result, the programmer is then more likely to succeed in his task, and with this knowledge, the programmer may adopt a requirements process. Now say the designer is concerned with a new requirements process that it may take away from the ability to design software. You can show them that this is not the case. That the requirements are limited to only the behaviour of the software, and do not affect the design. As you can see, the change control process is related to the problems the team faces most.

​By showing them how requirements can help reduce change, you are showing the team the benefits of requirements. As a project manager, you can use requirements to help control changes, and that will lead to the team building good code, rather than rebuilding code over and over.

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