Upholding Our Philosophical Foundations: The Broader Implications of Bill C-21

The warrior ethos, a foundation for western philosophy and western culture.



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The unfolding dialogue surrounding Canada’s Bill C-21 reveals a narrative far more complex and far-reaching than its initial mandate. Although designed to enhance public safety, this legislative move risks unforeseen ripple effects, touching upon our societal framework, shared global ethos, and historical continuity. However, the crux of this discourse lies not solely within the confines of legal firearm ownership but within the slow and steady erosion of an enduring societal equilibrium – a balance that has maintained the essence of our democratic society.

Throughout human history, shifts in power dynamics have often resulted in societal disturbances, leading to significant upheavals. Examples abound, from the ancient empires of Asia and Europe to contemporary geopolitical struggles. In many instances, such shifts often erode societal structures and norms that took centuries to cultivate. It’s within this historical context that we must examine the implications of Bill C-21.

An essential facet of this societal balance lies within our collective ethos, aptly symbolized by the historically ingrained ‘warrior ethos.’ This ethos, a testament to courage, discipline, and strategic acumen, has transcended cultures, epochs, and geographical boundaries. It found expression in the form of knights, samurais, Rajput and Maratha warriors, Spartan hoplites, Roman Legionnaires, Viking Norsemen, Shaolin monks, Native American warriors, Maori Toa, and continues in our present-day public safety services, intelligence agencies, and military forces.

Modern sports like the International Practical Shooting Confederation (IPSC) serve as living embodiments of this ethos. They stand not as mere recreational activities but as repositories of an invaluable philosophical heritage. They encapsulate the virtues of resilience, adaptability, stress management, and problem-solving under duress – skills that are critical for navigating the complexities of the contemporary world.

Despite this, the current discourse around Bill C-21, in its myopic focus on legal and administrative perspectives, risks undermining this vital aspect of our shared heritage. The proposed legislation could tip the delicate power balance historically maintained between administrative rulers and guardian warriors, leading to an over-centralization of power. This could catalyze an undesirable societal shift, potentially sidelining the warrior ethos and the values it espouses.

The implications of such a shift extend beyond national borders and touch upon broader global challenges. Our world grapples with multifaceted problems such as climate change, resource scarcity, the actions of rogue nations, water scarcity, mass migrations, demographic cliffs, and AI safety problems. These issues require a diverse toolkit for their resolution, and the resilience, adaptability, and strategic thinking nurtured by the warrior ethos are part of this toolkit.

Moreover, with the rise of automation in military and policing services, the role of the warrior ethos becomes even more crucial. The challenge lies not in defeating technology but in finding a balanced path where we can leverage technological advancements without losing our philosophical compass. It’s about preserving the ties to our philosophical and historical roots while forging ahead into a future driven by technological progress.

The deep-seated concern lies not merely with the alteration of the legal framework but with the possible erosion of the collective ethos that has defined Canada – and indeed, many nations across the globe – for centuries. The discourse must thus extend beyond the confines of firearms legislation to encompass the broader philosophical, historical, and societal implications.

Recognizing this, Conservative Members of Parliament have voiced their opposition to the bill, echoing the sentiments of many who see this legislation as a potential threat to our historical and philosophical continuity. The question remains: are we ready to allow a legislative measure to tip the delicate balance of societal dynamics, inadvertently undermining our historical ethos? Are we prepared to risk the unintended consequences of a potentially over-centralized power structure and unbalanced power structure prioritizing administrative rule without any guardian ethos rule?

This brings us to the crucial juncture of safeguarding democratic values while tackling issues of public safety. It is vital that we approach this conundrum with a comprehensive perspective that goes beyond the immediate legal considerations of Bill C-21. We need to ensure that in our bid to enhance public safety, we do not inadvertently diminish the philosophical foundations that have defined our societies for centuries.

Our world is characterized by rapid changes and escalating complexities. To navigate this landscape effectively, we need to preserve and foster a diverse range of skills and perspectives. The warrior ethos, embodied in activities such as Tae-kwon-do, Paintball, Airsoft, Sports Shooting, Hunting, and IPSC, offers a repository of invaluable traits like adaptability, resilience, and strategic thinking. It would be unwise to sideline such an ethos in favour of a homogeneous approach to societal organization and security under administrative management alone.

In conclusion, the debate surrounding Bill C-21 extends beyond the confines of firearm ownership and public safety. It serves as a symbol of a broader struggle – a struggle to preserve our historical and philosophical governance foundations in the face of change. As we proceed with this debate, it is crucial that we maintain a broader perspective and remain cognizant of the possible long-term implications of our decisions.

Indeed, the enduring equilibrium of society depends upon our ability to balance change with continuity, innovation with tradition, and safety with freedom. As we debate the merits and implications of Bill C-21, let us remember this balance and strive to uphold the philosophical governance foundations that have long defined our global ethos.

Lastly, if you’re motivated to act and voice your perspective, consider reaching out to the Senate of Canada to voice your concerns about Bill C-21.



STOP BILL C-21 – Petition Details – Change.org




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