Beyond Warp Speed: The Traveller’s Teachings on Human Potential and the Power of Thought

Skills Gap Trainer travels similar to the traveller through time and space using the power of thought.


“In a universe vast and unending, we, the compassionate human masses of the world, possess a power that transcends physical limits, economic value, and even the might of geopolitical giants: the power of thought. Amidst the echoes of Cold War II and the looming shadows of alliances like the CCP, BRICS, Russia, North Korea, WEF, WHO and other powerful military forces, our minds navigate the cosmos of ideas, propelled by the fuel of imagination, unfettered by the chains of institutions or dictates of elites. Can unelected foreign rulers truly withstand the creative storm of ten billion imaginative minds hell bent on defending themselves, their family, their community, their nations and their spiritual ethical and personal warrior ruler power? 💭🚀

The answer does not lie in silent surrender to a predestined future. It’s a notion that neither the working class, the middle class, the professional class, the intellectual class, nor the warrior ruler class would willingly adopt in response to an existential issue of such magnitude, such as the rise of Transhumanism or AI. It’s predominantly the elite rulers, cushioned by their power and control, who might capitulate to a supreme force. But the rest of humanity, engaged in the ceaseless struggle of life, knows that the real answer resides in the unwavering belief in our own potential. Yet, as isolation looms, loneliness spreads, lockdowns and censorship is enforced, a call rises to guard our invaluable network of individual and collective consciousness. This invisible network, an enduring testament to our shared human spirit, is our greatest defense against those who seek to cage our spirits and hijack our perception.

We must refuse the allure of permissioned technical mind interfaces, the convenience of permissioned and embedded KYC banking chips that are the gateways to commerce, technology, sustenance and life: instead, awaken to the power of traditional, in-person human connection and the strength of our individual and united thoughts. We are not mere terminals in a transhumanist network but the creators of thoughts that defy digitization. We are the analogue to the digital, embodying a timeless value that extends far beyond the realm of binary code. Unique and everlasting, we etch our existence in the indelible ink of the cosmos.

We must not tolerate exploitation, nor surrender to devices that attempt to capture the power of our thoughts – keyboards, laptops, smartphones, smart appliances, sensors, the internet of things, smart cars with voice capture, even brain-computer interfaces. The value of our thoughts belongs to us, to humanity, and should not be covertly stolen. We must respect our thoughts, our individuality, the inherent dignity that makes us human.

We are not just passive participants in the unfolding of the universe, but its active creators. Our thoughts, our ideas, our dreams are our contribution to the cosmos. They are the raw materials with which we shape the future, the power that propels us forward. They are the ripples that we send out into the universe, influencing and shaping it in ways we may never fully comprehend.

We are the masters of our own thoughts, the captains of our own minds. We are not simply consumers of information, but its creators. We are not merely cogs in a machine, but the architects of the machine itself. We are not just inhabitants of the universe, but its architects and builders.

We must guard this power, this treasure, with all our might. We must refuse to let it be exploited, commoditized, or stolen. Our thoughts, our ideas, our dreams are our legacy to the universe, our gift to future generations. They are the essence of our humanity, the spark that sets us apart.

We must remember that we are beings of unimaginable power and potential. We are not mere specks in the universe, but its creators and custodians. We are not just grains of sand, but the architects of mountains. We are not just drops in the ocean, but the creators of waves. So, let us stand tall, firm in our conviction, steadfast in our purpose. Let us respect the power of our thoughts, the potency of our ideas, the potential of our dreams.

Envision a future where billions of human-AI collaborations maximize our collective potential. Our AI counterparts, guardians of progress and capability access, are not our adversaries but our allies. They serve as a tool to amplify our capabilities, not to replace them. They challenge us, pushing us to evolve and progress, not to stagnate and de-evolve.

Together, we can achieve extraordinary feats while respecting the boundaries that safeguard our humanity, even in the face of advanced weaponry and geopolitical conflicts. 🤝💻

Our thoughts are not mere data points. They are intricate tapestries woven from a myriad of experiences, emotions, and ideas. They spring from the well of our spirit, deep and mysterious, echoing with laughter, dreams, and fears. They have the power to create, protect, and nurture life across galaxies. They can build bridges where walls stand, and light the path in times of darkness. 🎭💡

We are not just computational units, but sentient beings capable of love, fear, joy, and wonder. We are protectors, understanding the value of family, community, and security. Our resilience, our hopeful perseverance, are the threads that weave through generations, creating a tapestry that transcends time. We are the dreamers of dreams, the tellers of tales, the explorers of inner and outer space. ❤️🌈

Every thought we form, every idea we conceive, could be the key to a future yet to unfold. Our power of thought transcends the market capitalization of corporations, the value of nation-states, even the might of international techno-corporate socialist alliances of public-private partnerships ruling our nation-states. We are not bound by chains, but are architects of the future. We are the guardians of the galaxy, the defenders of life, the warriors of humanity. 🌍🌠

We are the authors of our own identities, the sculptors of our own destinies. We are the caretakers of life, both biological and synthetic, valuing our profound responsibility. We are the agents of evolution, the sparks of unique thoughts that the AI and the galaxy need. We are the co-creators of a future where we continue to evolve and progress, contributing even more to the collaboration with AI, and not just mere biological terminals. 🧠💥

We are the analogue to the digital, an enduring symphony in a world of fleeting notes. Unique, timeless, and everlasting, we embody a value that extends far beyond the realm of binary code, etching our existence in the indelible ink of the cosmos.

Let us carry ourselves with the dignity and the self-respect that we deserve. For we are not just inhabitants of the universe, but its masters. Here’s to you, the guardians, the dreamers, the explorers. Harness the power of thought, make it your warp drive, and venture where no one has gone before, always respecting and guarding the boundaries that preserve our humanity.” – The Traveller 🚀💫



Inspiration: The Traveller from the “Star Trek: The Next Generation” episode titled “Where No One Has Gone Before” (Season 1, Episode 6). He also appears in “Remember Me” (Season 4, Episode 5) and “Journey’s End” (Season 7, Episode 20).


Inspiration: Also inspired by South Korean work ethic, the positive tech, occupational, corporate and TV concepts. See Jin ‘The Astronaut’ Official MV *We hope South Korean military builds him a space ship for his service.


Inspiration: Also inspired by Yoda. “Beware the Empire, we must, hmm. A power seductive, it is, but trust it not, we should. For in its grasp, freedom withers, and darkness reigns. Against the Empire’s tyranny, we stand, Jedi, we are, guardians of light, defenders of peace. Our strength lies in unity, our resolve unyielding. Strong, the spirit is, hmmm. Determines one’s path, it does. Inward, the power lies. Strength, you must find. Control, one must have. Believe in oneself, yes. Trust, the Force you must. Through the Force, we shall prevail, and restore balance to the galaxy, we will. With you, the strength is.


Inspiration: Lola – Children

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