Leaders Must Understand Fairness


In order for leaders to be effective in their practice, they often need to understand and master a wide variety of ideas.Leaders must understand fairness, when to be fair and when to be unfair. When a leader takes a particular side on some idea, this can either garner support or create…

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Managers Handle Challenging Responsibilities

manager business

To understand today’s leaders, or managers, we need to have a view of some of the things they do, as well as to understand the context within which they operate. We need to understand their responsibilities and the circumstances in which those responsibilities are handled. The managers handle challenging responsibilities…

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Conflict Management Requires Ability to Escalate

conflict management

Conflict management requires the ability to manage or escalate conflict.  To understand conflict as it pertains to leadership, we need to understand how to manage conflicts.  A leader will also need to know how to escalate a conflict strategically when necessary.

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