Our “EXPERIENCE” with BC Tech

BC Technology

OUR “EXPERIENCE” WITH “BC Technology for Learning Society” “Skills Gap Trainer Communications” would like to thank “BC Technology for Learning Society” for accepting our technology equipment request.  “BC Technology for Learning Society” assists schools, charities, non-profits, Indigenous groups and libraries to acquire the technology they need, and only “a small…

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Displace Workers Worldwide

artificial intelligence

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE INTRODUCTION Up until recently, artificial intelligence was a subject that was mostly discussed either by scientists working in the field of AI or in the movies.  However, over the last few years, a surge of public, business and government interest has begun to materialize.  The media has published…

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Increasing Engineering Graduate Numbers, Key To Export Economy

increasing engineering graduate rates

Throughout history, the scientific and technologic focus has shifted from country to country. The concentration of great minds in one area, leads to advancements, which further serve to draw even more great minds to the area. By increasing engineering graduate numbers, countries should be able to create an advanced export…

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