New Training Options Can Solve The Skills Gap

new training options

When it comes to resolving the skills gap, one of the main difficulties comes down to who really is taking the responsibility of continually training employees with new skills. Currently, training people with new skills is a somewhat expensive process. However, there are new training options which can solve the…

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Address Skills Gap With Industry And Academia Partnerships


​In certain cities, there are many professionals of a certain type, and not enough positions available for that type of professional. In other cities, there are too many positions available of a particular type, but not enough professionals in that domain. This is an imbalance of worker supply to worker…

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Skills Gap Concepts, Introduction

skills gap interview

Many job applicants have not had an easy time in the competitive hiring process. There are many reasons for this, and they can be understood by browsing through the different skills gap concepts.

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Launching Skills Gap Trainer Was An Adventure

launching skills gap trainer

Launching Skills Gap Trainer Was An Adventure! We launched on 2016.  At the time, we simply wanted to have an online presence and decided that the quickest way to accomplish this was with an easy to use hosted platform: Weebly. This allowed us to advertise our first online course and…

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