Development Process Models: Waterfall, Agile and Spiral

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  Understanding the development process can be challenging. The software development process features many different methodologies, models process models, activities, tools, and frameworks. The list of concepts is long. A few key development process models will be presented: Waterfall, Agile, and Spiral.

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Using Inspiration And Motivation Instead Of Compliance To Lead


  Managers differ in their leadership styles, and some styles are more effective than others. For example: Knowing a few things about inspiration, motivation and compliance is critical to the management role. This is because using inspiration and motivation instead of compliance to lead delivers better results.

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Unstructured Interviews Are Not Reliable


  Organizations recruit their employees with either a structured interviews or an unstructured interviews. Though the structured interview process has many advantages, often times, management and human resources will use the unstructured format.

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New Training Options Can Solve The Skills Gap

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  When it comes to resolving the skills gap, one of the main difficulties comes down to who really is taking the responsibility of continually training employees with new skills. Currently, training people with new skills is a somewhat expensive process. However, there are new training options which can solve…

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