Leadership Essentials For Managers Guide

leadership essentials

LEADERSHIP ESSENTIALS GUIDE The leadership essentials guide is useful for aspiring managers, new managers, or experienced managers. It helps professionals to think about and explore ideas of leadership. It is useful to be able to talk leadership language. So let’s start with the contents listing of topics which will be…

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Psychology Of Challenging Personalities, Managers Guide

challenging personalities

CHALLENGING PERSONALITIES GUIDE In this guide, we will define and examine various challenging personalities, in reference to managers and followers. In the first part of the guide, an introduction to the psychology of work and personality disorders in the workplace will be provided. In the second part, the abnormal personalities…

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Software Project Management Guide

software project

SOFTWARE PROJECT MANAGEMENT GUIDE “Become familiar with essential software project management terminology and processes.” According to Wikipedia, “Software project management is the art and science of planning and leading software projects. It is a sub-discipline of project management in which software projects are planned, implemented, monitored, and controlled.” In this…

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Effective Management Requires Power

effective management

Effective management requires an understanding of power. The managers who are aware of and know how to use ideas of power are able to accomplish goals effectively. Managers need to be aware of the issues, which surround the idea of power.

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Personality Disorders At Work Cause Performance Variations

personality disorders

Of the many different responsibilities which managers must attend to, one of the key responsibilities deals with ensuring that employees perform effectively in the workplace. The manager must ensure that performance is increased over time, or at the very least, that it is maintained over time. As performance can vary…

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Abnormal Mental Developments In Managers

manager with stress

Different professions, attract people with different mental dispositions. Another consideration that one has to take into account, is that the different professions, have different working conditions or environments. Some of the working conditions are more demanding and more stressful than others. Abnormal mental developments can occur in managers.

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Managers Handle Challenging Responsibilities

manager business

To understand today’s leaders, or managers, we need to have a view of some of the things they do, as well as to understand the context within which they operate. We need to understand their responsibilities and the circumstances in which those responsibilities are handled. The managers handle challenging responsibilities…

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