Employers Need To Find The Right Training Program

new skills

Individuals and companies cannot rely on government to ensure that the workforce has the relevant skills required by the marketplace. The employers need to find a cost effective and reliable training program, one that can offer their workforce the right skills.

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New Training Options Can Solve The Skills Gap

new training options

When it comes to resolving the skills gap, one of the main difficulties comes down to who really is taking the responsibility of continually training employees with new skills. Currently, training people with new skills is a somewhat expensive process. However, there are new training options which can solve the…

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Modern Job Roles Are Specialized, Many Degree Options Now Irrelevant

modern job roles

Over the last few years, new types of positions have become available at different companies. New types of roles such as those in green energy, cloud storage management, business analytics, online apps administration, diversity and many other specialized positions have become available. Many modern job roles have become very specific in their…

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Labour Talent Key To Global Economy In Technology Age

labour talent

The United States used to be a resource, production and export powerhouse. It extracted resources from the ground, manufactured a wide variety of goods, and exported goods to the rest of the world. However, in the new technology age, things have changed. Labour talent has now become the key to…

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Increasing Engineering Graduate Numbers, Key To Export Economy

increasing engineering graduate rates

Throughout history, the scientific and technologic focus has shifted from country to country. The concentration of great minds in one area, leads to advancements, which further serve to draw even more great minds to the area. By increasing engineering graduate numbers, countries should be able to create an advanced export…

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Address Skills Gap With Industry And Academia Partnerships


​In certain cities, there are many professionals of a certain type, and not enough positions available for that type of professional. In other cities, there are too many positions available of a particular type, but not enough professionals in that domain. This is an imbalance of worker supply to worker…

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Filling Job Roles Is Difficult and Time Consuming, But Why?

filling job roles

There are five types of people who regularly face a challenge in their attempts to secure employment. They are; the small business entrepreneur who has been out of industry for an extended period of time, the entry level worker, the graduate without industry experience, the professional with antiquated skills or…

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Educational System Is Not At Fault

educational system

Over the course of a few decades, many have adopted the belief that the skills gap is a problem that results from the ineffectiveness of the post secondary educational system. How did such a belief come about to be?

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