Requirements Process Not Established

requirements process

Though student engineers and student computer scientists are taught to develop software based on requirements specifications, in the real world, there are many organizations where a system of strict requirements process has not been put in place. Also, there are some practicing designers and even programmers who are not used…

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Explain Testing Responsibilities

explain testing

Unfortunately, during a software project, there will sometimes be tension between the programmers and the testers. This tension comes from a different set of beliefs, or simply, opposing views as to who is responsible for what. The PM may need to explain testing responsibilities.

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Selecting Projects And The Business Case

business study

Organizations often need to increase efficiency. To achieve efficiency improvements, the organizations often analyze the situation and explore different possible solutions. The organizations also need to ensure that they apply a non biased approach in selecting projects.

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Requirements Gathering for Projects

requirements gathering

Talking to the stakeholders is the number one way in which a project manager can perform requirements gathering. The project manager has to go out there and talk and discuss and inform himself or herself as much as possible.

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Development Process Models: Waterfall, Agile and Spiral

software models

Understanding the development process can be challenging. The software development process features many different methodologies, models process models, activities, tools, and frameworks. The list of concepts is long. A few key development process models will be presented: Waterfall, Agile, and Spiral.

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Software Project Management Profession

software project

According to Wikipedia, software project management is defined as “the art and science of planning and leading software projects. It is a sub-discipline of project management in which software projects are planned, implemented, monitored, and controlled.” The software project management profession is more specialized than general project management, with its…

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Using Power To Manage Effectively

leader and followers

People generally accept and understand the idea that those who have and are using power are the leaders. The reason that people associate power with leadership has to do with the idea that power can be used to get others to follow.

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Challenging Manager Personalities, Psychology

angry leader

There are challenging psychological developments that people must deal with, and these developments impact the work they do in the various occupations. When it comes to occupations where people are in a position of leadership, the stability of one’s personality plays an even more important role. In order to improve…

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Challenging Employee Personalities, Psychology

challenging employee personalities

Some employees have challenging employee personalities. In general, people have many different personality traits. Some trait examples include: compassion, caring, agreeableness, spontaneity, and so on. The traits that a person has can sometimes block the person from advancing, can make it difficult for one to associate with others, and can…

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