How Blockchain Will Displace Professionals And Blockchain Skills To Learn

blockchain network

The Potential of Blockchain News professionals, investment professionals and many websites have recently mentioned blockchain with much interest and enthusiasm. While blockchain technology offers a novel way to transact and execute contracts, other technologies have also brought about technical innovations, without having received nearly anything the level of hype that…

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Automation And The Future Of Work

artificial intelligence

AUTOMATION AND THE FUTURE OF WORK Understanding the impact of automation on workers throughout the world. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. AUTOMATION ACROSS THE WORLD – Summary, Advances In Technologies, Worker Displacement, Probabilities of Automation, Research Studies Suggest High Probabilities Of Automation, It’s Different This Time 2. SUSCEPTIBILITY TO AUTOMATION IN…

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Launched Second Course, Check It Out

launched second course

Launched second course “A Manager’s Guide: Successful Leadership” on the Thinkific platform! Check it out! Check out the course description and the intro video lecture on the course page. There is also a free trial available which unlocks two PowerPoint based lectures called “Leadership Is A Group Process” and “Destructive…

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